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These BEFORE and AFTER shots were taken the same day.

There's no change to hair, clothes or make-up. 
The only difference is a new pair of glasses

  Below : Even competing with a beautiful smiling face - the after-shot is clearly the winner!
before  After   
     Below: How to wipe of 20 years!
   Before        After - custom made 
   Below: New glasses define beautiful facial features and enhance complexion. What a difference!                                     

Before After - custom made  

Below: We had to keep the look conservative, but the stylish difference is remarkable.

 Before After

Below: Custom made glasses allowed a creative and alluring personality to surface.

 Custom made frame looks youthful and interesting

Our Style Consultants help you achieve your best look.

We know the shapes and colours that will work best on your face. 

 It's a practised skill that we're very good at - plus, we have the luxury of being able to custom make a frame especially to fit your face.

It's our passion to make you look your best. 

Drop in for a browse or arrange a free consultation with our Style Consultants.  

 9416 1043

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